"The real risk is not a slipped grip at the edge of the peak /
The real danger is just to linger at the base of the thing."

~ Astronautalis, Contrails




Well, yes, I would…

Me too.xxxx

The place looks cold, I would have to insist on sharing a room with him though…



Well, yes, I would…

Me too.xxxx

The place looks cold, I would have to insist on sharing a room with him though…

I decided to pick up (UK tv listings mag) Radio Times on a whim as they’ve got Jamaica Inn as the cover story. Glad I did! Not read the article yet, but there’s a rather lovely photo, and a nice column about Sean by Alison Graham - “He seems such an intense and shy man, I wonder what he’ll make of the red carpet hoo-ha.”


white indie goo
Sean Harris and Montserrat Lombard need help funding
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Done and done. Fingers crossed for them!

For what it’s worth: it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you find you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over again.

F. Scott Fitzgerald  (via abeautifullifetime)

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Sean/Joss Merlyn tidbits

Found a few bits about Sean/Joss on the BBC Media Centre site:


Director Philippa Lowthorpe:

"In fact Sean Harris went through the novel and found tiny little details, like the fact that Joss had been to America, so that meant he’d been on sailing ships and that meant he would have had tattoos - then he worked with the make-up artist to find real tattoos from the 1800s. A man like Joss lived a very tough life, so during rehearsals Sean and the makeup designer worked together to achieve a worn and weathered look which was not only true to the character of Joss, but also to a real person of that time living in those conditions."

Jessica Brown Findlay (Mary Yellen):

What is her relationship like with Joss?

"Mary and Joss. It’s a very complex relationship. There’s an instant dislike or gut feeling that Mary has about Joss. This is someone to be careful with – a feeling of ‘I’m going to have to play this right’ - but equally she realises very quickly that she needs to be equal to him, and for him not to think her stupid, or a pushover.

Mary needs to stand her ground and make sure he knows that she’s not to be challenged or cast aside. There’s kind of a fatherly love, and then it can bring out some quite childlike qualities within both of them.

I think Mary acts to Joss as a mirror, and reveals to him how far he’s come from who he was, and who he is now. The fact that Mary is threatened by him so much, but she will not succumb to the dark side. I think he hates that, because he has, and therefore he’s exposed more because of that fact, but equally he admires her for that. That she doesn’t just change because she’s forced to change all her morals.”

Matthew McNulty (Jem Merlyn):

How would you describe Jem’s relationship with his brother Joss?

"Volatile but loyal. They barely have a civil word to say to each other but they also need each other - I suppose because they don’t really belong in the civilised world they find a sense of belonging in each other, maybe more so for Jem. Joss needs Jem because he’s the only man he can trust."

So in short:

I’m ridiculously excited.

Tattoos! Minute detail research! I wouldn’t expect anything less from that man. I’m really hoping he has the same yellow hardback Virago copy as I do, that’s just a nice mental image.

McNulty is a really satisfying name to repeat. Say it with me…McNulty. See?